It has been my intent from day one to make this site a useful resource for other food scholars, and the bibliography is a vital part of that plan.

I have separated the bibliographies into primary and secondary sources, although those lines often blur in literary studies; my hope is that the division between studies and the artifacts of study would be useful for teachers looking for course material, students looking for scholarship, and readers looking for books. On each page, the works listed are organized by type or by subject, cited more or less in MLA style, and annotated to increase searchability.

I am only listing works that I have read, seen, cited, or at least skimmed. As of this writing, the bibliographies include all of the works given more than a passing mention on this blog, and a good number of works cited in my published writing elsewhere. As time goes by, I’ll add sources that I use in my dissertation, sources I’ve read but not written about, and sources I’ve examined and rejected for whatever reason.

I welcome questions and discussions about any of the sources. Suggestions are also welcome, though I will not post anything I haven’t read, and make no promise to read everything.

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