Link Buffet: Rolls for initiative

Source unknown.

Food links that grabbed my attention throughout this fall, in no particular order and with little comment.

Dice Sets That Look Tasty Enough to Eat (But That Would Be a Grave Mistake)

What Does It Mean to Read Great Food Writing in a Pandemic?

The New Trophies of Domesticity

Chocolate snow falls on Swiss town after ventilation defect at Lindt factory

Willamette Valley winemakers scramble to calculate wildfire smoke damage to grapes

Semiotics 101:

The White Lies of Craft Culture

Cooking with James Baldwin

These pops are not recent, but were making the rounds again.

Polluted Water Popsicles: Faux Frozen Treats Highlight Taiwan’s Water Pollution Problem

The Science of Yogurt Marinades by Nik Sharma, which is beautiful to look at as well as an explanation of why yogurt-based chicken salad is so, so good.

Americans are Receiving Mystery Seeds in the Mail From China


‘Great British Bake Off’ Doesn’t Feel the Same Anymore


On Colonial Nostalgia and Food in Fantasy Writing

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