What I’m cooking: Eff It Edition

What I made in month 2 of isolation

I guess I posted my last roundup after about three and a half weeks of isolation? I was still enjoying myself then, frankly. Month 2 dragged a bit.

This list of what I cooked more or less doubles as a list of foods my elderly cat tried to eat–sometimes right out of my bowl–because I had to give her steroids for her little chronic inflammation, and the steroids make her hungry. She is not allowed to eat any of this, mind you, but that didn’t stop her from licking applesauce off my actual spoon like a scoundrel. I started taking my meals standing up, leaning over my kitchen island with a spoon in one hand and the other hand holding open a book.

  • cranberry beans simmered overnight with carrots, collard rabe, and chicken broth
  • fried rice with tofu, carrot, and purple daikon
  • roasted sausage and potatoes over rice, which is something I would normally make with broccoli but I had no broccoli so whatever
  • sweet potato chili (again) with cranberry beans (again)
  • spinach penne with goat cheese, fresh spinach, and bacon
  • fresh ramp radiatori with feta cheese, baby chard, and bacon. It’s never a problem getting pasta in South Philly.
  • However, I had some trouble with my grocery delivery–that is to say, I ordered staples from my beloved Reading Terminal Market, but they were experiencing some issues with their delivery vendor and had to cancel–so one week I found myself short on provisions except for dried chickpeas, some kale, and a can of coconut milk. Hilariously, that meant I finally tried The Stew. It was pretty good.
  • I also made my mother’s popover recipe to go along with The Stew as you don’t need much flour, and it used up my old milk.
  • collard greens and sweet potatoes in coconut milk, again.
  • roast chicken and potatoes, again (but also with a scarlet turnip from my CSA)
  • with the leftover white meat, yogurt-based chicken salad which was so so good
  • with the leftover dark meat, chicken and French lentils again
  • more of some staples (popcorn, iced tea) and less of others (oatmeal and granola, since oats got hard to find)
  • Once I grabbed a tube of oats from Rite-Aid but they turned out to be quick oats, not so great for granola, but pretty good for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
  • Without granola I haven’t been eating as much yogurt, so I made this apple yogurt cake to use up some creamy strawberry yogurt. I didn’t have a big enough pan, though, and since the cake expands a great deal it poured over the sides and burned onto the cookie sheet I placed under it, causing all my smoke alarms to go off and forcing me to take it out of the oven before the middle had cooked. Too bad, because the cooked parts were extremely delicious.
  • Just a whole lot of peanut butter toast. My local grocery has really good bread.
  • Also salted radishes and butter on toast, since spring is radish season.
  • Applesauce. Also, rhubarb sauce, which is the same as applesauce but with rhubarb and sugar (I don’t put anything in my applesauce, just apples).
  • I didn’t like the coconut flour cookies or almond flour cookies I made previously, so I made my favorite sugar cookie recipe except with equal parts almond flour, coconut flour, and AP flour. They turned out pretty good, although still slightly crumbly. Like a pecan sandy texture.
  • fudge, which was pretty easy, and also lasted much longer than any of the cookies because it’s too rich to enjoy much of at one time.
  • I got blood oranges in my CSA and they were delicious but not a pleasing texture to eat, so I squeezed them into cocktails and infused spirits with the zest. The winner of this experiment: a fancy gin gimlet with bay leaf honey syrup, old fashioned bitters, and the juice of a whole blood orange. The same cocktail was also good with whiskey and applejack as a base liquor, but gin was oddly the best–botanical and not too sweet. Maybe we should give it a name. The Sanguine Humor, perhaps. The Bay’s Knees.

What I’m looking forward to cooking

In each of my last cooking roundups, I said I was looking forward to spring. I am still looking forward to spring. Spring has been coming in very slowly, rhubarb and radishes first. This week my CSA is sending asparagus and lettuce; now we’re getting somewhere.

I am looking forward to making food that someone else will eat.

My birthday is next week. I have signed up to support a local arts organization, which has replaced their annual benefit gala with a Benefit in a Box. They’ll deliver some snacks and drinks to enjoy while I tune in to virtual music and dance performances.

I’m looking forward to it, but typically I’d be preparing to make a gigantic tub of whiskey tea punch and some easy, carb-heavy snacks, and having some friends over to fuel up before a night out dancing. So I miss that.

What I’m writing

I did post a lot in rapid succession last month: about Russian Doll, about food for plagues and hermits. I wrote about feeling like an NPC and posted it to my personal blog because it is about video games, but it is also about grocery shopping.

I didn’t write much new material but I submitted some old material to a few publications. I’ve signed up for a couple of creative writing courses this summer. They are online courses, which is usual for me; I’m not sure whether I will want to keep up with both at the same time, but who can say? It may be a very indoor summer.

What’s going on with you, blogfolks?

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