Link Buffet: Mélange

Helen Rosner makes a meal out of whatever she can find in the New Yorker Radio Hour fridge. I make a link roundup out of whatever I can find in my email drafts folder and liked tweets.

Killer headline: What We Can Learn from My Grandmother Who Brought a Casserole to Her Own Funeral

I tell you what: you neglect your food blog for a few months and you miss a whole lot of really fun, playful food art on Colossal. I keep laughing at Corn with a Pearl Earring:

This is mesmerizing:

It’s through Colossal that I started following the impressive pies of lokokitchen:

Jaya Saxena predicts that cabbage will be your new kale.

I’m not much of a baker personally, which is perhaps how I missed that there was a whole #ragebaking hashtag, website, and social channels. I also missed that there was a forthcoming cookbook called Ragebaking, and that it is NOT by the person who owns the social handles. Her name is Tangerine Jones, and she has been speaking plainly and compellingly on what it means for a couple of white female bakers to co-opt the already-popular work of a black woman–with the support of a major publisher. She lays it all out on Medium in “The Privilege of Rage”, but I also recommend checking out her Twitter for updates as the matter has continued to unfold. Also bear in mind that this is not merely a matter of copyright or intellectual property but of racism–in the baking sphere and definitely in the publishing industry, which has just been having a real mess of inclusivity misfires this month.

Rachel Sugar meditates on the meaning or meaninglessness of the ubiquitous Starbucks franchise.

In Venezuela, the capybara is considered a fish during Lent.

I was fascinated by this thread on Philadelphia, food, and capitalism:

There is a lot of Twitter and IG linking in this roundup, I know–but truly, that’s where I get most of my food-related content these days: social media has its sinkholes but it can also be a source of beautiful images and thoughtful threads. And beautiful men looking thoughtful while holding chickens.

It’s never too late for an asparagus valentine:

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