Link Buffet: Fashionable Tastes

Katie Ryan, “Serpentine Flurry” (2019), serpentine, onyx, quartz, rose quartz, rhodonite, jasper, unakite, smokey quartz, amazonite, sesame jasper, olive jade, fluorite, lodolite, amethyst, tree agate, Ching Hai jade, lapis lazuli, agate, Russian serpentine, marble, ruby in zoisite, abalone shell, bone, coral, freshwater pearl, petrified wood, glass, steel pins on coated polystyrene, 23 x 25 x 25 in

At Colossal: “Artist Kathleen Ryan creates a conversation between the beautiful and the grotesque in her oversized sculptures of mold-covered fruit.”

You know the New Yorker–this article is sort of about novelty strawberries bred to be millennial pink instead of red, mostly about the gloomy malaise of this era.

Feeling very validated by these tips on following recipes, which pretty much boil down to “they’re more guidelines than rules.” My recipe method is to look at what I have, and then google a combination of ingredients. But even then I rarely follow a recipe from start to finish. My search is mainly a jumping off point–CAN you make this, has anyone tried it, just checking! Then I do what I want.

FASCINATED by this list of words banned at Serious Eats, which includes outdated words (such as adding -ess to feminize words that don’t need a gender, like waitress), insensitive terms (describing good food as “addictive”), overused terms (“step up your game”), and nonspecific adjectives. As a marketing writer in my professional life, I found this list insightful and applicable to writing in general, not just writing about food.

Equally but in a very different way fascinated by this Vox exploration of matpakke, a Norwegian custom of eating a very simple lunch of untoasted bread with minimal toppings of cheese or meat paste. I’m astonished, because for me lunch is the most important meal of the day. I can eke by on coffee if I have no time for breakfast. I don’t mind a light supper when I unwind after work. But I simply do not function as well without a warm, well-seasoned meal at midday. I like the idea of an easy, premade lunch–that’s why I pack up my leftovers after I make a big dinner–but I think I would be deeply unhappy if I stepped away from desk for… cold bread and pate out of a tube.

I have moved past my kalevangelism phase, but it is still one of my favorite greens. Sturdy enough for slow-cooker stews! Substantial enough to make a meal when dressed in peanut sauce and served on rice! Adds color and nutrients to the eggs-and-potatoes breakfasts my gentleman and I like to make on weekends! But to be fair and balanced, I must share with you the Atlantic’s story of kale’s decline which sparked a surprising amount of conversation on my Twitter feed.

Lit Hub: The Bougie, Classist History of Eggs Benedict

Speaking of bougie: At Town & Country, a short, sweet speculation on the Entenmann’s family fortune.

This lengthy, researched, reflective Eater article by Soleil Ho contemplates the history of food in video games and suggests that a comparatively recent boom in video game depictions of food might be connected to the similarly recent push to recognize gender diversity in gaming audiences.

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