Link Buffet: The more things change…

Food neophobes, Merriam-Webster is here to tell you that almond milk is not new and that meat has historically referred to various foodstuffs aside from animal flesh. You don’t have to eat a bleeding veggie burger, but you can’t language it out of existence.

A lovely reflection on the ubiquitous floral-patterned plates used in Chinese restaurants.

Forget astronaut ice cream. How about astronaut kimchi and lasagna?

As ever, this is an Amanda Mull fan blog. I appreciate her holistic view of health writing, which includes mental and emotional wellbeing as well as nutritional and fitness data, but most of all I like that her topics always cause a little explosion of food discourse on Twitter. For example, a lively discussion of life without microwaves followed this article on microwave sales. (Personally, I have been living without for about a year, and I would classify the inconvenience as “noticeable but not worth trying to find the space to put one.”) This article about money gurus blaming financial insecurity on fancy coffee linked up to an ongoing conversation about how the value of small pleasures. Relatedly, we all went wild about tomato season because it’s honestly such a relief to think about something other than what’s on the news right now. (Although, any time I hear “tomato season” I can’t help but think about “Negroni Season,” a classic tale of bad boyfriend behavior at The Awl.

Fascinated by this brief history of malt beverages at Eater, although the bold claim that Whiteclaw broke through the “bitch beer” barrier to appeal to cis men was made before Four Loko released a 14% ABV hard seltzer this week.

Trevor Smith’s crocheted platters remind me a bit of the soft cakes I saw years ago.

@ me next time, The Onion!

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