What I’m Cooking: July 2019

What I’m cooking

I started a new CSA this spring and it is glorious. Philly Food Works offers a range of options; I get the small subscription box, which means someone else decides which vegetables (and one fruit, usually) I get every other week. But there’s a twist–if there’s something in the box I don’t like or can’t eat, I can remove it! Or replace it! And I can browse their online shop and tack on a pint of yogurt or a bag of local pasta. I pick it all up across the street from the building where I work.

So it’s convenient, but also the food is extremely good. Early on in the season, I got a bunch of roma beans, some tomatoes (hothouse, I assume), and some gold potatoes and made a simple curry that I learned when I worked at the market. It was heavenly: the potatoes became buttery and rich as they softened, and they soaked up all the tangy tomato juice as they simmered together. Simple and perfect. Then, I’ve never particularly cared for cherries, but now I’m obsessed after a delivery of fresh sweet ones. Also, their strawberries last month were magnificent, beyond anything else I picked up at the farmer’s market. I sliced the CSA strawberries up for snacking and simmered down the others into a topping for my yogurt-and-granola breakfast.

It feels good to get a little excited about cooking to season again. It’s still lettuce and cucumber time, so I’ve been eating a lot of salads. But this week I get my first big batch of corn, so summer is fully here.

What I’m looking forward to cooking

I can’t wait for more of those glorious tomatoes to come in; it’s going to be green bean curry and patatas bravas all the time. Next time I get a decent amount of cherries, I’m going to poke out their pits with the chopsticks and try baking them whole into a dessert. I’m tempted to put the pits into spirits of some kind: cherry gin? cherry… sherry?

This week I have some time off for the holiday, so I’ve invited some friends and neighbors over and will be putting out a buffet of things to put into tortillas wraps: slow cooker pork, chipotle roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes, rice and beans, all the vegetable pickles I made earlier in the spring. Lemonade mixed with vodka made pink and fragrant from the tops of all those strawberries I enjoyed last month. Fruit crisp with strawberry-rhubarb puree from the freezer, since I’m not ready to give up my fresh peaches for jam yet.

What I’m writing

Summer classes started shortly after Memorial Day weekend, and I am enrolled in an online intro-level writing course that is required for the writing certificate offered by my workplace. I am enjoying it immensely. The assignments are short and focused, and give me the opportunity to really reflect on my writing process as a marketing professional, as a blogger, and as a recovering academic. The syllabus is pretty fast-paced so I haven’t been turning these exercises into posts yet, but I’d like to.

As I mentioned recently, I’ve been wanting to write about my changing relationship to food, eating, my body, and my food blog for a long time. I’m not there yet, but on a related note, I wrote this reflection on my body and exercise.


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