Link Buffet: Of cookies and coping mechanisms

Hydrox, gingerbread people, and other scandals: 2018 was a difficult year for cookies

Atlantic, The Rise of Anxiety Baking

This could very easily become a fan blog for Helen Rosner at the New Yorker and Amanda Mull at the Atlantic–it’s hard to limit my sporadic link roundups to just one or two incisive pieces by each writer! But I have to include the latter’s timely Sad News About CBD Cupcakes. If you’re like me–i.e. feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of CBD foodstuffs everywhere and wondering if this is a train your shambling flesh-husk needs to board–you’ll be relieved to know that you can ignore most of what’s out there.

I don’t really get a thrill out of paint mixing videos but I love this, especially the satisfying final piece at the end:

Love this deep dive into Foley effects at Atlas Obscura. One of my first introductions to the art form was watching a behind-the-scenes special about Jurassic Park–a movie I saw twelve times at the second run theater as a wee seventh-grader–and marvelous that the sound of cracking ice cream cones and squishing cantaloupe seeds made the hatching of a tiny animatronic velociraptor seem real.

Having developed a fondness for Chardin after stumbling across his still life compositions disrupted by cats, I appreciated this thoughtful piece at Apollo which delves into the painter’s domestic scenes and talent for “rendering the everyday charismatic.”

Speaking of rendering the everyday (food) charismatic (on Instagram):

I think it takes a special kind of intensity to wade into the morass of Yelp for data, but the results can be pretty interesting! From way back in the dissertation-writing days, there was this study by Dan Jurafsky, and now here are some interesting data points in the ongoing discussion of how mainstream fetishization of authenticity reinforces white supremacy. Nutrition educator Sara Kay posts her Yelp findings to Eater.

Just for fun:

I stand by this:

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