What I’m cooking: February

It still feels like February outside so I’m squeaking in with some February roundups here and on my book blog.

What I’m cooking:

  • I’ve long appreciated this simple chickpea stew in cold months, but I put some in the crock pot to simmer while I was at work earlier one chilly day and it was so good to come home to. The slow cooker version involved my roasted tomato puree, berbere seasoning, and dried chickpeas which I’d soaked and boiled the night before. The pesto bit is a bit fussy, but it’s a nice touch if you have some around–and I do usually have some kind of pesto in the freezer. Carrot leaf/fennel leaf this time.
  • So about the roasted tomato puree. I try to do my food shopping at the Reading Terminal Market during the winter, and they nearly always have dollar bags of overripe tomatoes. I buy a few bags, cut up the tomatoes, and roast them with garlic and onion. Then I puree the whole thing. It usually makes 2 or 3 pint jars of tomato puree which  I then use as a base for stew or curry or similar. This month, I made some that got used for my gentleman’s fabulous eggplant parmesan.
  • I did get to roast that chicken I wanted, and invited some friends to come over to eat it and drink up some leftover Corona from the New Year. To fully embrace the Beer & Chicken Party theme, I also fried up some chicken tenders. And… sprinkled some of them with luster dust. Just because it was something I wanted to see.

What I’m looking forward to cooking:

  • I started a new CSA! I was a little disappointed with the one I had last year, and looked around for other options. I opted for one with flexible plans (you can order 1, 4, or 12 pickups at a time) that picks up near my workplace. I’ll be getting small shares weekly for four weeks to see how I like it, then I might choose to get large shares every-other-week for the rest of the summer. I picked up my first share last Tuesday and it was an adorable selection of bok choy, kale, carrots, potatoes, onions, brussels sprouts, apples, and thyme. I have a good feeling about this farm, but will report back next month.
  • I picked up a piece of beef shank steak with the bone in. I have a few other beef bones in my freezer, so it is definitely time to roast the bones and turn them into stock.
  • I’m still working on the whole eat-more-protein thing, so I forecast a lot of lentil stews in my future.

What I’m writing:

A library blog post about New Orleans, and a few things for my work blog. I am a bit behind on my work-blog writing schedule, but now that the blog is integrated in our recently updated website, I am really excited about writing and sharing more there! In the hopper I have a post about old book smell and one about the scandalous book theft in London earlier this year.

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