Link Buffet: Recommendations

If you’re in a food rut:

Brain Pickings, Salvador Dali’s Rare, Erotic Vintage Cookbook

If you’re hungry for eye candy:

I enjoy the hyperrealistic food paintings posted by Italian artist Marcello Barenghi on his Instagram; if you can’t believe your eyes, watching him paint them on YouTube.

If you live in Philadelphia and love history as well as food:

Free “Food from the Archives” event at the Culinary Literacy Center on October 27!

If you live in or plan to visit New York and want to see a rad exhibit about Chinese-American food:

Support the Museum of Food and Drink!

If you have trouble comprehending the scale of American food production:

Photographer George Steinmetz traveled the country visiting places where animals are raised by the thousands, where produce is grown on a grand scale, and where foodstuffs like bagged salad or steaks are broken down into packaged form. The Time calls these photos “dizzying” and I think that is exactly right–view this photo of a carrot facility at a larger size to make your spin.

by George Steinmetz

If you’re woke and love podcasts:

The Sporkful Launches Podcast on Race, Coding and Food. All-star lineup, really interesting thoughts on restaurant semiotics. Podcasts as a medium for discourse don’t work for me, but I’ll be following along on Twitter.

If you need to be cheered up:

I pretty much followed Bon Appétit‘s Twitter feed because I saw the rest of Food Twitter was retweeting their pretty food pictures, which are narrated with unironic whimsy in a voice that is usually cheerful, sometimes vulnerable, occasionally very funny.

If you want some popcorn while you watch this horror show of an election:

Also from Bon Appétit:

The Iroquois are said to have believed that there is a soul living inside every kernel of popcorn, and maybe they were right and maybe there is a soul living inside absolutely everything, just waiting for the right amount of distress and friction to make it transform into something else.

Feminist Popcorn
¾ cups popcorn
A lug of olive oil
Sea salt to taste
Nutritional yeast
Large pot with a lid

2 responses to “Link Buffet: Recommendations

  1. *I* eat all the cheese at trader joe’s to figure out which is best. EVERY. TIME. (okay, it’s never going to stop being the roquefort.)

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