Link Buffet: Amuse-bouche

Just in case you forget that this blog, like all blogs, is just another Hamilton fan blog at heart: the periodic Crush Cakes feature at The Toast honors Lin-Manuel Miranda with a cake that is both tol and smol.

Critical Distance, a site that collects and curates writing about games, included my Fable post in their roundup of posts about food in video games. Definitely check out some of the other links, which look at a range of games from Portal and The Sims to Magic: the Gathering and the Tales series.

Colossal featured a round-up of constructions by a Japanese Lego master who builds intricate foods and meals out of Lego pieces. I think this pizza is a fun example–lots of color and texture–but I also like the vanilla ice cream cone, which features some pieces from Lego tanks which I remember from my childhood playsets.


Language Log comments on a comic strip about the difference between “homemade” and “hand-crafted” in food marketing.

Pretty sure that painting pictures on foam is witchcraft, whether you’re conjuring latte art or these cocktails based on modernist paintings.


This NYT article about the vegan food scene in Philadelphia is not super informative–yes, Philly has got a great food scene in general, and veggie or vegan venues have been a significant part of that vast and varied landscape for as long as I’ve lived here–but I am just perpetually entertained by the way the NYT writes about Philly. “What do you call a Philly cheese steak with no cheese and no steak? It sounds like the setup to a punch line.” Haha, NYT, you’re so funny! That’s almost as good as the time you called us the “sixth borough.”

If you have twenty minutes to spare and want to watch John Oliver dissect the way scientific research (including quite a few nutrition studies!) is commonly misrepresented or outright fabricated in mainstream media, here you go:

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