Link Buffet: Made to Order

If you’re an editor or designer and have used Loren Ipsum as placeholder text, you may be amused to know that you can now test your artisanal beer and coffee site with Hipster Ipsum, your bakery menu with Cupcake Ipsum, Bacon, Tuna, Veggie, Cheese

Also possibly of interest to designers: if you’re a sucker for color swatches and Pantone-related products, you might be delighted to know that there is a color fan for egg yolks. I’m definitely guilty of bragging on my local eggs’ richly colored golden yolks, but it turns out that yolk color is only tangentially related to chicken health, and cultural preference for vibrant yolks varies greatly by country.

So apparently pop music is the best complement for Chinese takeout, indie rock for Indian, jazz for sushi–and Justin Bieber ruins everything.

But I guess you can put on the Hipster Cocktail Party Pandora station and try making Aziz Ansari’s mom’s chicken korma, which sounds fantastic. Or just read Aziz bragging on his mom, which is always nice, and talking about the foods of his South Carolina childhood.

I always enjoy the Washington Posts’ annual Peep diorama contest, but it’s a good thing that I’m not a judge, because I always award extra points for pandering to my specific interests:


I think if I didn’t study food culture, I might study legal history. I don’t have any particular affinity for law but the courtroom does seem to offer a dignified stage for the dramas of humanity to unfold:

[If the embedded tweet doesn’t show up on your browser, here is a link.]

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