Link Buffet: Journeys and destinations

You’ve heard of space lettuce, now get ready for space whiskey! It comes in two varieties: whiskey poured into a glass specially designed to permit sipping in space, and whiskey for civilian consumption that has traveled to space and back. Apparently hanging out in space for awhile makes smoky Scotch smokier!

Did you know that Autostraddle has a Food and Drink section? I did not! And yet here we are, reading about key historical moments in the evolution of the taco.

I am sometimes ambivalent about Lucky Peach as a food magazine, but their most recent issue, the Fantasy issue, was delightful cover to cover and fell squarely into my literary wheelhouse. Not just because one enjoyable article examined food scenes in fantasy literature like the Harry Potter series and Tolkein’s oeuvre, but because food fantasies are all about the stories we construct about what is good and desirable in eating or cooking.
There are a few stories from the Fantasy issue on their website now; one is this thoughtful piece by Rene Redzepi on the commonplace bullying and humiliation in restaurant kitchens and how difficult it has been for him to change that. Some readers with kitchen experience have responded, and their thoughts are also up for view.

Food puns for the 50 states.

Why do maple syrup containers have tiny handles?

Reading Terminal Market gothic.

Okay, fine, here’s one pontifical link: this weekend, when the Pope visits Philadelphia, you can treat yourself to a cookie or block of cheese made in his likeness, or have a beer at a Pope-up garden on Fairmount.

As Philly hovers between tantalizing hints of autumn and one last blast of summer, I am really feeling these colorful, cornucopic compositions by food stylist Sarah Phillips.

sarahphillips sarahphillips2

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