Link Buffet: Remembrance of Things Past

Giulia Bernardelli turns spilled food and drink into little paintings:


At NPR: What Ever Happened to the Boozy Cake in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’? The novelized Lane cake, a confection built of many raisin-laden layers and enough whiskey to make grade-schooler Scout “tight,” reminds me a bit of old-fashioned wedding cakes. Like dark, fruity wedding cakes and Christmas fruit and nut cakes, the Lane cake was probably built to last: the dousing of liquor and boiled frosting were intended to help preserve the cake for several weeks (or even months) of serving.

Also at NPR: The Sad, Stately Photo of Nixon’s Resignation Lunch. The author reflects on what he finds so melancholy about this image. For my part, I was initially surprised to see that it was an archival photo and not a restaging. It looks so much like contemporary photographic series which restage famous meals from literature, famous last meals from prisoners on death row, etc.

At Pictorial, Jaya Saxena delves into the history of the energy drink, from 19th century coca wine to Four Loko.

Ask the Past: How to Grow Eggplants?  Answer from Bologna c. 1616: Better not! Eggplants lead to excess wind and sadness.


For a host of obvious reasons, I absolutely love this Tumblr that matches tiny things to Pantone chips.

almost-ripe blackberry

almost-ripe blackberry

Minion TicTacs

Minion TicTacs

Starbucks dark roast Sumatra

Starbucks dark roast Sumatra

[Note that the famously banana-yellow Minions are not the same Pantone color as the most marketable banana.]

Tiny PMS Match looks at color matches for flowers, toys, and pills as well as food, but the mouth-watering berry purple and the eye-popping candy yellow seemed like another slide in the ongoing presentation of mild everyday synesthesia. I’m reminded, too, how many Pantone colors are named after food or marketed via relationship to food palates. We can see it again with the 2015 color of the year Marsala: named after wine, the color of pomegranate seeds, pottery, and rustic table linen. Colors can be sold and branded by reminding us of food; food can be sold or branded via soothing, tempting, or attention-grabbing color.

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