Link Buffet: Feasts for the Eyes

Dutch artists Lernert and Sander cut raw food into perfect cubes:

Food Cubes by

Bored Panda has a chart that identifies all of the foods.

Condé Nast Traveler slideshow: Tea Rituals Around the World

Russia Tea Ritual by Anna Williams and Amy Wilson

Chicago-based artist Jim Bachor fixes potholes with tiled mosiacs, featuring ice cream treats:

Street Mosaic by Jim Bachor

Israel’s oldest winery, Carmel Winery, collaborated with a photographer and a ceramic artist to create dishes specially designed for food photography, and a workshop to teach diners how to best capture the colors and textures of the food.

Foodography dish for Carmel Winery

I recently started following and enjoying Wondermark, a web comic that juxtaposes modern absurdities with 19th Century woodcuts:


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