Link Buffet: Mid-May links

Sad news.

If you’re a follower or a fan of food history, odds are that you’ve encountered The Food Timeline before. The timeline is an incredibly rich archive, drawing from numerous sources (cookbooks, magazines, newspapers, and more) to provide citations, evidence, or at least educated guesses of when and why certain food practices emerged. Whether you are a food blogger looking for a lead on the history of derby pie, a writer of historical fiction looking for authenticity, a student of material culture, or simply a food nerd who can get lost in research rabbit holes, the Timeline would be an invaluable resource. This archive was managed solely by Lynne Olver for over fifteen years. I am not sure whether there is a group of individual designated to take up the work of expanding the archive and answering questions, but I am hoping some of the food publications who have honored Ms. Olver’s work over the years will lend a hand if it is wanted.

At the Plate, a mouth-watering history of a most American spirit, bourbon.

At the Billfold, some good food movies that you can watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

How does caffeine work?

Grist answers a question about eco-friendly nuts to use in trail mix or for snacking, and I’m listening because May and June bring many herbs and greens that I use in pesto. Last year I made my basil, parsley, fennel leaf, or carrot leaf pestos with almonds, but this year it seems like a good idea to try something more sustainable. Pumpkin seeds may be a good option; I’ve shied away from using pecans because I think of them as a dessert nut, but I’ll give them a try.

“Heart Beet” and other glorious artwork by Fay Helfer:


I will be out of town for a chunk of this May, so posting will be light for a few weeks.

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