Scenes of Eating is four years old!

I got a little anniversary notice from WordPress this week. The last three anniversaries must have fallen during my busiest season at my old job in uni press publishing, so I’ve never really noticed or marked the occasion. But this blog is important to me, both as a tool for exploring ideas and as a means for connecting to other food writers and scholars, so I owe it a little celebration–or, at least, a recap of the year that was.

Floor Cake by Claes Oldenberg

“Floor Cake” by Claes Oldenburg. Previously discussed here.


Hands-down, the most popular post of the past year was Winter Chestnuts and Other Literary Comforts, which was Freshly Pressed and brought me over a thousand new followers. (Hi, guys!)
Other most-frequently-viewed posts included:
The Gender of Junk Food in Disney’s Short Film ‘Feast’
Pizzacore, Poetry, and Gender, which explored the concept of snackwave in conjunction with an anthology of pizza poetry
What Would James Bond Eat?, an older post that still gets a lot of hits from Pinterest pins
Force-feeding Unruly Women at the Turn of the 20th Century, another older post that remains one of this blog’s most popular posts of all time, mostly thanks to the number of people who google “force feeding suffragettes” or similar.

My own favorite posts from the past 365 days include:
Dining Out with Philly Fringe, in part because I’m so pleased to have a written record of some great productions from last year
Shop, Drop, and Sweetroll, a sort of taxonomy of scenes of eating in video games
Ain’t Jokin (About Watermelon, Among Other Things), which gave me the opportunity to express how important Carrie Mae Weems has been for my feminist and art history education
Why Pennsylvania Has State Stores, because it’s not as arbitrary as you might think!

I’m always fascinated by the search terms that lead people to the site. In the last year, top searches have included variations on:
processed food in the future (which prompted this post)
Kant on agreeable art (got you covered!)
scenes of eating in art (also got you covered)
vanitas artists (one of my favorite topics)

And going way, way back: the first post I ever made on this site was on May 2 2011,  She Didn’t Even Bring Her Own Carrots, which explored the sexual subtext of a potluck supper scene from Meg Wolitzer’s The Uncoupling. 

It’s been fun four years of food features. Thanks for reading.

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