Link Buffet: Vivid Images

At Render, Claire Lower explores the chemistry that produces orange, red, purple, and white carrots–as well as how those colors impact nutritional value.
As a bonus, the post is illustrated with some gorgeous photos of multicolor carrots which reminded me of some I’d seen on the Things Organized Neatly tumblr:

Speaking of Tumblrs of appealing food photos:

From NPR’s The Salt, some graphs explaining that we spend a smaller percentage of our incomes on groceries than our grandparents did. One caveat:

Of course, the more money you make, the more total dollars you’ll have available to spend on food. But that expenditure will be a smaller share of your total income, as this second chart shows. Likewise, the less you make, the bigger your food spending will be relative to your income — and the more costly food may seem.

From A Softer World, some perspective:

From Food Culture Index, whose Twitter feed has been full of fun food images lately:

Important tomato update:

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