Link Buffet: Delicious by Design

Love this Pantone beer packaging:


Gastro-architecture by Nicholas Blechman:


Savor the Science is quickly becoming my favorite feature at the RENDER blog. I had a general idea about plant chemical warfare, but I appreciated Claire Lower’s accessible explanation of why onions make us cry. Make you cry, I mean; I’m fairly immune to onion attacks, which I suspect may be due to my contact lenses. I do get a little teary if I chop while wearing glasses.

On another scientific note, I can barely handle this Factually story about museums that use flesh-eating beetles to clean the rotten meat off of delicate bird bones. And some human bones. There are a few explanatory images, so don’t click on your lunch break.

Remember the potato salad guy? He did throw a huge potato salad party, Buzzfeed reports, with the proceeds thankfully to go to charity. I’m still dubious about the value of the Kickstarter stunt, but I’m not going to lie, I kind of want one of those Peace, Love, and Potato Salad T-shirts.

T.S. Eliot: “This pudding appears to have been very successful as a gentleman’s pudding.” Ok, player.

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