CSA season starts again

CSA 2014

Today I picked up the first share of my CSA. It is now my fifth season enjoying the produce of Wimer’s Organics in Pennsylvania, although this year is a little different: rather than splitting a full share with a neighboring friend, I purchased a biweekly share for myself. It’s a tiny fraction more expensive than splitting the full weekly share, and I may or may not have slightly less variety over the season because I’ll be picking up every other week instead of weekly. On the plus side, without a weekly obligation to pick up, divide, and plan meals around vegetables, I’ll enjoy a little more flexibility about what and when I cook.

I greatly enjoyed blogging about my weekly shares and what I did with them last year, but rather than repeat the process, I’ll be taking my CSA bloggery to Pinterest. I’ll a pin a variety of recipes (from other sources) or loose instructions (if I don’t have a recipe) to prepare the vegetables that are in season and/or food that complements them. It’ll be a little sparse at first, and the photography will be terrible until I start getting home while it’s light out, but as the weeks progress and I get a greater quantity and diversity of vegetables, there will be more recipes and ideas to choose from. I never pin anything I can’t vouch for (see my Tried It; Liked It board) so if you’re also enjoying a CSA or shopping at farmstands, hopefully this will be useful resource.

You don’t need a Pinterest account to follow along, but if you hate Pinterest and just want someone to tell you what to do with your eggplant, you can always search my site; I linked to a lot of recipes last year!

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