Food Music Playlist #5: Kitchen Party

A week or two ago I tweeted that I would put together another short music playlist to celebrate surpassing 200 Twitter followers. This is that playlist, even though my last two followers were both Friedrich Nietzsche! ::throws confetti:: ::wills nothingness::

This party, as is the case with most parties, has ended up in the kitchen.

Devon Sproule, “Let’s Go Out”

A sweet, cheerful song about making the most of what you have and that strange restless feeling the day after a good party. The narrator and her housemates hardly know what do with themselves and mess around in the kitchen and pantry, which have been wiped out by the previous night’s festivities. I was not able to find and album version (which includes an oboe solo that pretty much sounds the way I feel the morning after), but it’s pretty remarkable how Devon Sproule’s voice sounds exactly the same live or in a studio.

Pressure Cooker, “Cookin in the Kitchen”

[This link goes to a Myspace page]

Part reggae, part swing, this hot little number almost made it onto the “Euphemisms” playlist. But although the wailing brass sounds suggestive, the cooking metaphors double as figurative language to describe playing music, specifically serving up hot jams.

Mary J. Blige, “Kitchen”

Mary J! I know and you know that it’s not right to equate a partner with a possession. That said, I appreciate a good extended metaphor, particularly when it has a catchy tune. The word “kitchen” is doing a lot of work in this song: it’s a personal, intimate space; it’s a domestic sphere; it’s a place where things get hot, maybe a little dangerous.

Julie Doiron, “Dance All Night”

This is a sort of heavy, melancholy tune, but the lyrics are not: Julie Doiron describes dancing all night in her kitchen until she and some unnamed companion are on the floor, breathing and breathless.
Just please ignore the completely weird video, which is a long spinning pan of the user’s bookshelf.

Anna Kendrick, “Cups”

Okay, so there’s nothing in the lyrics specific to cooking or kitchens. But the song relies on syncopated percussion performed with the titular cups–many of which are percussed in a kitchen!–and the video is just adorable.

Happy weekend to all, and thanks for following.

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