CSA Week 29: Wintery Simmering

This week we got: carrots, a couple of yellow onions, a bunch of spinach, giant sweet potatoes, purple top turnips, gold potatoes, some beets, a garlic, a butternut squash, and lacinato kale.

CSA Week 29

This Wednesday I decided to practice my new resolution to make veggie stock the night before trash day when my freezer is too full, so I dumped a couple of freezer bags into my stockpot to get brewing while I divided the vegetables and snacked on the potato fritters I made the night before. Then I diced a big sweet potato and a fat carrot, and simmered them into a coconut curry with kale and red lentils.

On Thursday I didn’t feel like cooking, but I really had no excuse: dinner was practically made. All I had to do was boil pasta, wilt some spinach, and mix it all together with the fennel pesto we made last week.

After a long day of trying to get some writing done Saturday, I felt like making some kind of comfort food, so I broke out one of the jars of tomatoes we put up and made patatas bravas again, with egg for protein. The jar smelled so good when I opened it: ripe and red and summery. I have half a dozen more jars, and even with preserved foods you have to use them or lose them, but when it comes to using homemade canned food I will always experience a brief a tug o’war between enjoying the fruits of summer and saving it for an even colder, drearier day.
Very brief tug o’war, though. That jar of tomatoes infused the golden potatoes with a lovely red sauce.

On Sunday, I stopped by the local grocery to see about a whole chicken, but they had sold out for that day. (I did, however, put my order in for a Thanksgiving duck!) I bought a pork loin instead and my neighbor and I roasted it with our turnips and potatoes from this week, roasting beets with balsamic on another tray so they didn’t turn everything pink. Normally we try to use co-cook days to tackle more complicated projects, but we just didn’t have much complicated food this week, so we were munching on our wintry meal in front of The Hobbit in hardly any time at all.

We still have carrots, potatoes, and a squash to use some other day, but plenty leftovers in the meanwhile. I forgot to take photos of anything–not least because none of these dishes took a great deal of effort to make, so there was no incentive to document the results. Four nights at the stove in one week is unusual for me, but in most cases, the preparation was short and the methods permitted me to wander off and wash dishes or do laundry while dinner made itself.

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