CSA Week 26: Okay, now it’s autumn for real

This week we got: red leaf lettuce, a red onion, bunched spinach, a garlic, White Hamon sweet potatoes, black radishes, a huge cabbage, cauliflower, and some kohlrabi. This is roughly my half, although I was babysitting the cabbage and took all of the black radishes. I have. . . Halloween plans for them.

CSA Week 26

Looks like early summer, doesn’t it? Here are all the brassica roots and leaves again.

On Wednesday, I had a yen for something with a texmex sort of seasoning–something smoky and spicy that I could potentially eat with shredded lettuce and radishes, since I have been eating salads with reluctance throughout my sinus discomfort. So I made a pot of rice and beans with an ancient red onion and green herbs from the freezer, browned sweet potato cubes and turkey in a hot skillet, and wilted some spinach into the whole thing.

The enormous pot, interspersed with salad, pretty much got me through the rest of the week; I didn’t need to cook and didn’t feel like it, anyway, although I did make a big pot of plum sauce and baked some of it into muffins on Saturday. Lately I haven’t made it back to my neighborhood before the farmstand closes each week, but last Wednesday I stopped by a University City stand near my workplace and found, to my surprise, the last Italian plums of the season.

On Sunday, my neighbor and I confronted the fennel from last week. Fennel, as previously noted, is not my favorite–this past June was one of few times I actively enjoyed it–but we had two really good plans for it. For one, we cut all the fronds off of its enormous leafy branches and put it in the food processor with oil, cheese, walnuts, and garlic. It made an excellent pesto, without too much of licorice-y taste I dislike–it mostly tasted green, and will make a great spread for warm toast.

We had originally planned to simply roast the fennel bulb once we pulverized its leaves, but when I was proofreading the recipes from Scheherazade’s Feasts that one of our workstudies was putting on the press Pinterest board, I saw a recipe for a lamb and fennel tajine that sounded great. I can recommend it; the lamb turned out so tender, and the fennel nicely complemented its strong flavors and politely stopped being so licoricey itself. We made a pot of lentils to go with it, chopped up our cauliflower (and remaining romanesco) to roast with parmesan cheese, and sliced our big old cabbage head into rounds for cabbage steaks.

Cabbage and Cauliflower

I ate my lentils and lamb with crispy cabbage strips sprinkled on top. It was an excellent cold-weather meal.

Lamb Tajine

And that’s it! Warm, rich leftovers and salads with sweet crisp kohlrabi for the rest of the week.

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