Get this look: Heirloom Vegetables

So it’s harvest season, Halloween is just around the corner, and you want to dress as your favorite locally cultivated and sustainable grown vegetable for a costume party. I completely understand! Many heirloom varietals are beautiful and unique as well as delicious.

Fairy Tale eggplant

Image from Boulder Locavore

Fairy Tale eggplants are smaller, sweeter, and tenderer than the big purple oblongs most commonly seen in grocery stores. Fairy Tales are usually two to three inches long when they are ready to eat. They have thin skins and fewer of the bitter alkaloidal seeds, so there is no need to salt and drain them before cooking and eating.



“Violets are blooming” dress from Modcloth; “audacious aubergine” hat by Siesta Crafts; large purple fairy wings by Lillyxandra.

Green Zebra Tomato


Image from Wikipedia

Green Zebras are a tart green tomato cultivar, best eaten raw. They are easily identified by their bright green and yellow striated skins.


Green cocktail dress from Next Eve; Almost Famous scarf from House of Fraser (sold out, sorry); silver vine circlet from Grin, Grimace, and Squeak.

Sweet corn

Sweet corn needs no introduction; it’s grown all over the United States. But individual growers carefully develop and protect their best varieties of sweet corn: check out this tale of corn espionage that reminds me of tulip knavery in the Dutch golden age.


Anonymous green hoodie dress modelled by Rihanna; yellow gingham pajama top from Vintage Vixen; jenny jenny classic tassel earrings.

Black Radish

Also known as winter radishes, these unpromising-looking roots have a rough black peel and a fiery white flesh.


Black cape coat by House of Frasier; sleeveless sheath from Barney’s New York; green feather headress by Charismatico.


These collections were of course inspired by Lookalike Looks, whose collections I enjoy because that’s pretty much how I do Halloween every year, except with thrift store finds rather than couture: rustle up some glamorous or unusual pieces that suggest a thing; accessorize with puns and/or more glam. This year, I’ll be rocking the Fairy Tale Eggplant look, more or less.

If vegetables aren’t your thing, NPR’s The Salt collected a few carnivorous costumes.

3 responses to “Get this look: Heirloom Vegetables

  1. I know that aubergine hat is not going to look good on me… but I really, really want it. Maybe if I also had a purple turtleneck…

    • I sympathize. The aubergine hat is from England, and the only eggplant hats I could find Stateside were sized for baby heads. I am forced to construct my own out of fabric and thrift store finds, and I’m not very good with a needle.
      I bet your toddler could pull off an eggplant hat, though, so all is not lost.

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