CSA Week 21: After-theater dinner

This week we got: two bok chois, two broccolis, a bunch of carrots, a small redleaf lettuce, a red onion, dandelion greens, baby tomatoes, a bunch of Yukon potatoes, chard, and a daikon radish with its top on. At the market I got peaches, plums, and pears again.

CSA Week 21

I guess it really is fall, because here are the green leafy vegetables again. Still, I know what to do with bok choi, carrots, broccoli, and daikon when they’re handed to me: stir fry. My neighbor and another friend came over to cook after the pickup Wednesday, and we made ourselves a big pot with soba noodles and homemade plum sauce from previous week. We also made a little salad with the carrots, daikon, and tomatoes–we haven’t had lettuce in awhile!–and fried up some rainbow trout and striped bass.

I was dubious about the leafy daikon tops; daikon is a kind of radish, and the leaves of the small red radishes we usually get are too tough and bitter to eat. But daikon leaves are more tender and mild–really it just tasted like arugula, which I’m beginning to like more. So I decided to treat it like dandelion greens, and mix them both into a potato hash (browned with a little mustard and wine). Eaten with a scrambled egg on Saturday. And a salad, of course, now that it’s lettuce time again.

On Sunday, I still had half a bok choi and half a broccoli, but I didn’t feel like standing at the stove to stir fry again. . . . so I chopped them up and put them in the oven to roast along with some of the carrots, garlic cloves, and some pork loins. Roasting not only freed up my hands to do other things but also permitted lazier chopping: I don’t usually peel carrots for the oven, for example, since the skin just crisps up in a pleasant way.
While my stir-roast was cooking (basted with the remains of the plum sauce from a couple weeks ago), I cored six overripe pears and threw them in my slow cooker along with a shot of rhubarb vanilla shrub from Green Aisle. If you’re not familiar with shrub–I wasn’t before I moved north–it’s a vinegar-based fruit syrup that was popular in colonial Pennsylvania. Colonials usually mixed it with brandy, but you can mix it with club soda for a tart, less HFCS-y fruit soda. I had a bottle for mixing mocktails, but somehow the lid had broken off and I wanted to use it up. It left just a trace of vanilla and sweetness in the quart of pear sauce yielded by the slow cooker; I’m sure it will be good baked into something next week.

Like last week, this was a week of plays, dinners out, and general bustle, and my few meals-in were mostly covered by leftovers from this week and the last, including the honey pear muffins. I still have chard and tomatoes to use up, along with a few of carrots and potatoes, but they can help fill out something  next week.

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