CSA Week 16: A little goes a long way

This week we got: six ears of corn, an onion, red bell peppers, tomatoes big and small (the farmer put TOMATOES in all caps in our weekly Email), red potatoes, carrots, and Anaheim peppers. I didn’t get to the farmer’s market this week, but over the weekend I went to Reading Terminal Market for nectarines, plums, extra tomatoes, and some more green vegetables.

Featuring my cat, for the second time

Featuring my cat, for the second time

Wednesday night I made something like patatas bravas again, because I enjoyed it so much before and because I could leave it in my blue pot while I went about other business. I made enough for several meals, and since I had the luxury of some days off this week, I was able to scramble them with eggs and chorizo for brunches as well.

On Friday I found myself facing corn, tomatoes, and potatoes again, and by this time I was little worn out of the big rice and bean dish I’ve been making. I could have made corn on the cob, of course, and roasted wedges of potato. Or I could have combined the corn, potato, and some cheese and pork belly I had into this chowder from Food Network, which I made and enjoyed repeatedly last summer. But instead I halved my little tomatoes, cut the corn off the cob, chopped up the Anaheim pepper after tasting it to see if I had a bell pepper reaction to it (only a little), and coated the pork belly strips with chipotle and honey–and put everything in the oven to roast. Even something with a short roasting time like corn gives you the opportunity to walk away from the stove and, say, fold laundry and clean up the chopping tools. Mashed potatoes are pretty low-maintenance, too, so I made some of those for a change of texture.
Total prep and cooking time was about an hour, as usual. Roasting tends to concentrate flavors and get a nice sear on thing–a flavor I’ve been missing without access to a grill this summer. Even the Anaheim pepper, about which I was dubious, tasted okay when carmelized.

And that is all I cooked this week: two giant meals with a lot of leftovers. I have carrots and potatoes remaining, but those will keep.

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