Blog notes from the Collections Department

I am pleased to announce that I have finally begun compiling an annotated bibliography of food texts and have created a page for these resources. Having an extensive bibliography was always part of my plan for this site. When I first started looking up scholarship about eating and cooking years ago, I found little in my field of literary studies. (Not to mention little support from my peers. “Everyone eats,” said one in perplexity. “It sounds like it would be a good micro-study,” said another. Four years and hundreds of pages later. . . .) Now, of course, a plurality of food movements have bloomed across the globe and academia is more or less tagging along, allowing a greater measure of institutional support and interest to studies of food practices, discourses, and arts. All the same, food scholarship is a particularly interdisciplinary field, and if I were starting right now, I’d probably have just as much trouble constructing a manageable reading list and narrowing down my focus.

Right now, the bibliography on this blog cites all of the sources I use or mention on the blog, as well as some other sources I’ve read or looked at in recently history. These sources are briefly annotated to make them more searchable. In time, I will add more sources that I use in my dissertation and even some that I could or would not. (I’ll probably start by importing my bookshelf from the Goodreads group I started some time ago and abandoned after Amazon acquired the site.) I welcome questions and comments on those pages and hope that the resource will be useful to some.


On the topic of collecting and classifying, I also set up a Pinterest board for this site (and a few boards for other interests of mine). Going back over past posts is too daunting a task, but going forward I’ll try to pin or repin relevant images to provide a visual companion to this blog. If you’re pinning food art and craft, don’t hesitate to self-promote in the comments.

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