CSA Week 13: Short and Sweet

These week we got: potatoes, golden zucchini, a cucumber, a small redleaf lettuce, an onion, tomatoes big and small, kale, and an eggplant with a rather pronounced nose. I wasn’t expecting eggplant–it seemed to be taking the place of green beans on the week’s list–so I had already bought fairytale eggplants at the market as well as blueberries and nectarines. My neighbor got extra ears of pearly white sweet corn from the market, so she gave me two.

CSA Week 13

On Wednesday I didn’t much feel like cooking, but I did want to have lunches for the rest of the week, so I psyched myself up to make a big rice dish with the corn, tomatoes, last week’s cabbage slaw, black beans, an ancient sweet potato, and spicy cheese. (If you must know, I typed the ingredients into the blog edit window first, then dragged myself into the kitchen to cook them rather than erase what I’d written. You do what you gotta do!) Red cabbage, when mixed with things that are not red, makes for an unphotogenic meal–but it was tasty and filling and fed me for a few work lunches.

On Saturday, my neighbor and I got together in the afternoon with several food projects for the days ahead. One, an African curry with the rest of sweet corn from the market. We found this recipe years ago during one summer’s glut of CSA corn, and we make it several times a year (using squash in the fall when corn is done). We sometimes improvise with the seeds and go heavy on the ginger and hot pepper, but it’s always good. Six ears of corn and two cups of rice give us both several meals’ worth. Two, we stuffed spirals of puff pastry with spicy cheese as an appetizer for a friend’s barbecue on Sunday. Three, we prepared for a picnic with what are apparently our theme foods for this summer: potato salad, deviled eggs, and sesame green beans. The picnic took place at Clark Park, watching a gorgeous and dreamy production of The Tempest along with several blanketsful of friends who contributed fruit and cheese and guacamole and other snacks. (“We’re not supposed to provide the whole picnic, right?” my neighbor asked. This time, no. But we have a history of commandeering kitchens, so it feels like we forgot something when we take a more supporting role in a meal.)

On Sunday there was no need to cook, but I want to note that an excellent barbecue was provided by our canning buddy, and that she used some of another summer’s peach jam in the barbecue sauce. A good idea for people like me who love summer fruits but don’t usually spread them on bread.

And that’s all she wrote! I had rice and beans, corn curry, and salad for  the rest of the week. My impulse fairytales will have to wait for another day, but in the meantime, please enjoy this history of eggplant in four languages.

4 responses to “CSA Week 13: Short and Sweet

    • There is never a wrong time to make deviled eggs. . . unless you have no eggs. There are never any leftovers. : )

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