Link Buffet: 2012

Foodie Figures of Speech: a world of edible idioms: At the Guardian, a playful comparison of food-centered idioms in different languages. 10-17-2012.

Bitter Taste Receptors Regulate the Upper Respiratory Defense System: A Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn study links a high ability to taste bitterness with a high ability to fend off upper respiratory infections. 10-8-2012.

Nail Biting: Mental Disorder or Just a Bad Habit? : At NPR, Amy Standen looks a scientific and anecdotal evidence about nail-biting, why people do it, and whether it falls under the umbrella of obsessive compulsive behaviors. 10-1-2012.

What Graham Crackers Can Teach Us About Whole Foods: Longread at Religion & Politics linking the food fanaticism of Sylvester Graham to contemporary food politics issues. 8-1-2012.

Why Crowded Coffee Shops Fire Up Your Creativity: At the Atlantic. I know not everyone shares my penchant for coffee shop work, but I feel vindicated nonetheless. 6-20-2012.

Kale of Duty: Scott Jacobson at Slate writes about his all-kale diet. . . though it’s no wonder he couldn’t chew, with his tongue planted so firmly in cheek. 5-8-2012.

The First Sandra Lee: Poppy Cannon and her Can-opener Cuisine: Hairpin article by Emily Matchar, blogmistress of New Domesticity.  Wonderful longread about the eccentric character of Poppy Cannon and how she challenged the expectations of women and cooking that we still struggle with today (that using processed foods isn’t “real” cooking, for example). 3-7-2012.

Cakes Throughout U.S. History: This is a fun infographic from America’s Test Kitchen that places some well-known (and a few lesser known) cakes along a timeline.  The invention of Baked Alaska coincides, unsurprisingly, with the addition of this state to the US; elsewhen, the mass production of chocolate and Jell-O change the materials available to create cakes. 1-23-12.

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