Holiday Hiatus and Related Reading

Hey y’all, I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off from writing for holiday travel and visiting–not too much of a hiatus, considering that my posting schedule is usually once-weekly, but I’m looking forward to a true vacation with very little intellectual labor or social media pattering. But if you, like me, enjoy catching up on #longreads while traveling,  here’s a handful of posts that might give you something to talk about at the holiday table.

Self-promo first: my post about New Year’s Foods just went up at The Smart Set a few days ago. At Table Matters, you might like my slightly older post about mint, which will be ruining perfectly good chocolate desserts all winter long. And from longer ago on my own site: who doesn’t like to be outraged by the Kwanzaa cake and other terrible ideas?

Right now at Table Matters, there are a bunch of fun posts about holiday baking and drinking: gluten-free cookiesold-fashioned puddings, bubbly cocktails, and wintry beers.  You’ll also find longer reads on less seasonal topics: I enjoyed reading about this oyster safari in Denmark, how many people are involved in making your artisanal chocolate, and the disconnect between words we use to describe wine and what they actually taste like.

Elsewhere on the web: I think this is a quite smart observation about the fantasy of making a living through at-home canning or similar. Here are some stunning food landscapes by Nadege Mariau (I really thought the first image was pumpkin! It’s not, though). And if you didn’t know that Philly had a pizza museum, now you do. (That article contains a shout-out to Little Baby’s, maker of delicious ice cream but better known for their famously terrible commercials.)

Enjoy, feel free to self-link or recommend other sites, travel safely, happy holidays.

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