Blog notes

I’ve been updating the sidebars and pages–things that don’t appear in a blog feed–so I thought I’d draw your attention to the additions.

  • Old business first: Food scholars, have you noticed the Goodreads group yet? Slide your eyes to the right, below the links in the sidebar.  There: click it.
    I’m still adding books from my literal bookshelf here in the physical world, but a number of other food scholars have joined up and added books from their various interests and disciplines, so there’s already a good selection going. My hope is that the group will be useful to food scholars starting out–save a little of the library search term marathons I went through early on in my studies. It’d be nice, too, to hear what others thought of books we’ve both read.


  • Next: I revamped the Gallery. Now the artists are randomized and arranged in a much tidier table. If you click on any of the thumbnails, it will expand to a larger size with more information (links to the artist’s page, etc.) below. In this expanded mode, you can also browse the images carousel-style. It will be much easier for me to add new artists as I find them, so check back from time to time.


  • Lastly: I added several new links, some of which fall under the category of Reciple Blogs. More on this topic later–for now, I want to mention the new links so that I have an excuse to post this adorable image from They Draw and Cook:

Gazpacho by Charles Maraver
Look at it! Look at that onion crying happy tears!

They Draw and Cook is a treasure trove of recipes rendered as whimsical, minimal, or artisanal, but this one appeared on the front page today and made me laugh out loud.

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