Link Buffet: 2010/11

Those with a “sweet tooth” usually have a sweeter personality: Medical News Today reports on a study that seems to link a taste for sweets to a tendency to be more helpful and nice.  10-12-2011.

To Make a Memorable Meal, Start With a Memory: NPR reports on Sensorium, an establishment that aims to create memorable meals by supplementing the food with other vivid sensory experiences.  The article contains some interesting observations about taste and memory – namely, that we might remember texture sensations but don’t typically remember the taste of meals. 05-30-2011.

Sexualizing Food in Redbook: Sociological Images blog posts some of the anthropomorphized (or… genitalmorphized?) images from a recent Redbook spread.  The post links to some past posts about gendered or sexualized foods. 05-22-2011.

If You Haven’t Been On Food Stamps. . .:  This extensive post from Latoya Peterson at Racialicious covers a lot of ground concerning public conversations about poverty, government assistance, and food.  05-12-2011.

Women Laughing Alone with Salad: This Hairpin collection of stock images, presented without comment, went viral around the feminist blog community.  A hilarious example of why we look at patterns as much as instances.  01-03-11.

Eat Greens to Have Girls: A Telegraph article citing research that a calcium- and magnesium-rich diet may make women more likely to bear female children.  The write-up and title play on the feminine associations fruits and vegetables. 01-02-11.

What are we eating and where?: Sociological Images blogs posts several maps of the US, coded by how much meat or produce is consumed per person across the states.  12-27-10.

Field of Greens: Dahlia Lithwick on a pattern of Republican soundbytes expressing fear that healthcare reform would nanny and henpeck them into eating vegetables. 12-20-10.

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